Pallets in Demand

What to Do for Us

We make our services affordable for all business owners. Getting Pick up pallets can be expensive, and when you dispose of them, you won’t recoup any of the money you spent on them. Using more cash on disposal will bring you losses. We advise that you carry out the following actions to ensure you make the collection work easy and cheap:

• Stack your pallets: once you have unused pallets in your space, you can stack them safely for open truck transport. It helps our collection team get all the pallets in one lace and get them inside the truck. You will incur fewer charges for this.

• Stack similar pallets together: it is essential to keep similar pallets together for stability purposes. They have the same properties that will keep them intact.

• Remove and falling parts of pallets: safety is essential when dealing with pallets. Remove any loose parts that can fall during moving.

Equally important, you can avoid having issues with pallet disposal by offering them up for donation, getting a bulk buyer, or turning them into mulch. Our recycling facility is willing to take all unwanted pallets and reduce them to mulch to help others. People from the DIY industry also constantly look for pallets. You can let us set you up with them to get your pallets out of your hands.

Contact Us

Enjoy our ‘green friendly’ pallet recycling Sydney services today. Give our customer service desk a call to schedule a meeting. They will offer you a free quote for all the logistics services we provide in our company. We always build a long-lasting relationship with our clients. Our services are the best way to let you use your space effectively and protect the earth with adequate, sustainable development strategies.